“Just” a 7 hour drive by most dangerous road in Georgia and you will find one of the most remote region in this marvelous county – Tusheti.

It is filled with lush forests, “shaggy” hills and indescribable nature beauty

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Just after the breaknecking Abano pass at the foothills of Tusheti region is Omalo plateau.

Stunning morning and view from guesthouse window

Omalo Fortress was built more then 1000 years ago

After every pass and corner you will find different mountain views

Domesticated horses – main way of transportation in Tusheti

Misty early morning on the way to one of the highest settlements in Europe – Bochorna – 2365m

Stunning Tushetian hills and scary roads

Village Dartlo and 1000yo defence towers

Dartlo from above

Most dangerous road in Georgia – Abano Pass – 2865m above sea level!

Way to Abano pass

Tushetian plateau at 2000m above sea level

On the way to Bochorna village – 2360m