Ghost ships have always been a hot topic, the source of inspiration for many movies and novels. They also always have been the core of lots of legends and seamen tales.

But do they actually exist?

After a bit of research and a lot of exploration, we took our paddleboards and adventure kit and took it to the ocean.

And although many people weren’t buying the idea of the story we did find those ships.

Case closed. Up to the next adventure.

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A submarine hunter and communication-ship, awaiting their faith

This is the stuff stories are made off

Netflix & chill .. but outdoors where life happens

preparing the kit ..

A lot of it still remains intact on the inside

Captains chair

Paddling to our second basecamp / stop

Just tp give you guys an idea on the size of these tings .. and this was the little one

Yeah well .. found them

I just like this pic

These things are ready to sink

Every square centimer was covered in bird-shit

Approaching the big one