we are a band from Tel Aviv Israel, working on a new album. We needed to shoot a video clip but we were kinda short on budget so we sat in the living room of a good friends who is also a film maker, and thought about low-budget ideas. then, while watching videos for inspiration, one of the guys noticed the screen was reflecting on the aquarium, creating a really bizarre scenario – as if the fish were acting inside the video clip. then it hit us – why don’t we let the fish play inside our favourite movies? seemed like a great idea and stupid enough to waste time on it… It took us 4 days of shooting, both at home and a fish store that let us use their fish. no special effects were used (no fish were harmed as well, and we had professional guidance and help). creating a different aquarium setting for each scene was the hardest part, the most fun was deciding which fish goes with each film.

More info: youtube.com

Builder’s Tea – an aquarium homage to classical films