Hello, I’m Adrianna Nowinska, I’m 22 yrs old student and I was raised in the old Wenus cinema in Pszczyna (southern Poland). Same as many small cinemas, mine had to be closed. But in cooperation with my boyfriend – Michal Olejnik, we found hope for this amazing place. We decided to make the first real life escape room in the cinema – all by ourselves. It took as 7,5 months to adapt the reception and the audiance hall. In the reception we put old seats, our unique movie projector, posters and handmade lamps made of real film tapes!

Our game scenarios have two language versions – polish and english and they are inspired by great movies and series. Of course the screen is also involved in the game. How? – you may ask. Well, that’s a part of the mystery that our players need to discover :)

More info: cinemaescape.pl