If seeing Canada by train isn’t on your bucket list, it totally should be! We hopped aboard the Via Rail Train in February and crossed 5 time zones, 8 provinces, and covered 3,900 miles!

With 2017 being Canada’s 150th anniversary, there is no better time than to take an epic journey. Take a peek at our pictures and we promise you will be inspired to travel across Canda by train.

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You board the train in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Your next stop is Montreal, in French Canada

There is a “dome car” that sits above the entire train and makes for some epic photos

The next leg of the train doesn’t leave until 10pm, which gives you plenty of time to arrive in and explore Toronto

You can even take a day trip to visit Niagara Falls

Once you board the train in Toronto, you may be on it for 3-4 days!

Luckily, there are so many epic views that you won’t get bored

And train food is surprisingly yummy

Which will make you look forward to meals every day!

The best part of the transcontinental trip is the ride through the Canadian Rocky Mountains

You may even decide to stop over for a few days in Jasper

Which is a literal winter wonderland in February

After Jasper, you are back on the train for one more night of relaxation

The last stop of the trip is Vancouver, in British Columbia

Which is 3,900 miles away from Halifax and the Atlantic Ocean!

Do you want to take the train across Canada in winter?