VR allows you to truly and entirely immerse yourself in new worlds. You can see and experience places and situations that you may never get the opportunity to experience in real life. Some VR experiences let you explore remote locations on Earth while others take you straight to outer space – no NASA training, potato biology lessons, or space suit required! These experiences become all the more magical once you remove yourself from the constraints of the universe as we can see it and redesign everything in whimsical low poly art!

The VR puzzle adventure genre in particular feels very dreamlike and meditative. Althora by Eipix Entertainment perfectly captures a moment of immersion, completion, and meditative relaxation. Pay attention to the scenery, though. The terrains are inspired by just enough real locations on Earth terrains to give you that “uncanny valley” experience. A keen eye will spot the deserts of Nevada, the mountains of Japan, the Tibetan Plateau, and the jungles of India.

Here are a few examples of real landscapes becoming references for the alien world of Althora:

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Try to guess the other locations in the official trailer!