It’s been second year Wild Horn travel agency started operating in Georgia (Country). We are traveling all around Georgia in order to search adventurous places and write extraordinary itineraries, which will be fitted to all kind of outdoor travelers needs. Wild horn is adventure tourism company for small groups, outdoor lovers, birdwatchers, mountain bikers, hikers, slackliners, food and drink adventurers. Our tours range from high adventure backpacking trips to culturally rich inn-based hiking tours and everything in between! We are sharing the joy of discovery on an authentic cultural and natural history exploration for active and inquisitive travelers who appreciate mountains, local people and traditional food.

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Kazbegi Glacier

Shuamta triple lakes

Sheeps leaving pastures

Green lake

Torgva sulpur bathes

Babushkina artificial lake

road to “cherry to the tree”

winter pressures

Okhoje lake, attitude goes up to 3200 meter

Paliastomi Lake, 40 cm under the sea level

Shepards near Jqr Poqva ( shelter of the western Caucasian ibex)

Goderdzi ski resort

Road to Tobavarchkhili lakes

Reflections of small Toba

Trekking to the Big Toba

Big toba

Kintrishi protected landscapes