Check out this new take on a French fashion classic: The Toothpaste sweater. It took quite a few toothpaste tubes to create this fresh looking photo printed sweater.

Made by boutique bedding label SNURK, from Amsterdam. (SNURK = Dutch for snoring) The sweater is a part of SNURK’s new Horizontal Wear collection. Comfortable outfits to wear day or night. Available for women, men & kids.

More info:

This is our Toothpaste sweater from our Horizontal Wear collection. The sweater is digitally photo printed. Available for men, women and kids. Made of 97% cotton, 3% elastan.

The main ingredient. A total of 50 tubes of toothpaste were used to create the striped print. Luckily they were on sale.

At the studio we tried to recreate the stripes without being too perfect. Because we still wanted people to recognize that it’s toothpaste and not some illustrated stripe. To emphasize this we decided to also leave the tube in the image.

We photographed it and worked on the image in Photoshop. The final result gets digitally printed on our soft stretch cotton sweaters. (made in Portugal)