Hey everyone! My name is Dmitry Shmeman, I am the designer and founder of GRANI Jewelry brand. We have a small team of designers, who are passionate about jewelry making and environmental protection.

I want to be honest and ask for the support of our IndieGoGo campaign, as it is quite hard to succeed without any info support on IndieGoGo.

We do really love what we do and are proud of presenting our first collection made of 100% recycled sterling silver and natural stones. We have also developed (it took us 5 months as we are not professional app developers) and continue to improve a virtual fitting room app so that everyone could try our jewelry on before buying it from IndieGoGo. We spent months remaking our jewelry, trying to make it unusual and elegant. We have tried more then 5 different types on plating methods for our Black collection and finally stopped on the most beautiful and durable – ruthenium. We create every piece by hand and are proud of it – we create work places for independent jewelers from a small Russian city Kostroma with our own efforts. For the last two months we have been filming a beautiful story not only for promo purposes, but also for the benefit of art. Now we work with different theater actress from Moscow to create a mini-film of young actress lives. We do care about traditional jewelry making methods – that is why we teach little kinds in Moscow how to create jewelry and watches.

We are really passionate about our job and strongly believe that we can find a support on such open sources as Bored Panda, as any other sources do not work this way. Please, help us to reach our goal and make the world a more beautiful place to live in!

Thank you!

More info: igg.me

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