Well, this is not just another story about quitting your job and selling everything you own to start travelling. This one is about us, Klaudia and Bartosz, a Polish couple who packed their life and moved to the Philippines for half a year… with 4-months-old twins.

During this time, Klaudia studied and Bartosz continued his work remotely as a programmer, while Marta and Wiktor learned how to crawl, eat by themselves, stand… Being in Asia was a perfect opportunity to travel around, so we visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, as well as a few places it the Philippines.

After we came back to Poland, we decided to share our story, so that it inspires someone to travel, even with small children… Or maybe it just brightens your day.

We know that the twins will not remember any of this, so we decided to buy them a children’s book in every place we visited. Soon, when they grow older, we will show Wiktor and Marta the beautiful diversity in the world: different cultures, religions, languages, even alphabets, and these books will be a great tool for this.

In just a few weeks the twins will turn 1-year-old, so if there is someone out there that wants to participate in enlarging our collection and send them a small gift from your country, share a tiny part of your culture – let us know!

If you want to read even more about our adventures and find some useful tips for travelling with children or get in touch – check out Ohana Dec on Facebook.

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1. It would seem that flying with such small children can be difficult, but babies at this age still tend to sleep a lot.

2. The Philippines, Manila Ocean Park | High-fiving with underwater creatures.

3. The Philippines, Bohol | Nice background, but all they wanted was to eat sand!

4. The Philippines, Bohol, Chocolate Hills | Our bucket list just got a bit shorter out there.

5. The Philippines, Bohol, Bamboo Bridge | Children shared all experiences with us.

6. The Philippines, Bohol, Loboc River | It was not easy to get on board with the twin stroller, but it was totally worth it!

7. The Philippines, Tagbilaran | During these few months we flew 14 times.

8. Taiwan, Taipei | “Maybe let’s start with a spoon”.

9. Taiwan, Yehliu Geopark | Whoa, Mother Nature is amazing!

10. Taiwan, Jiufen | Sometimes they slept through the must-see parts of the travel.

11. Taiwan, Jiufen | Maybe Miyazaki said it was not related, but c’mon!

12. Taiwan, Taipei, Night Market | “I’m afraid they might not have any milk here…”

13. Breastfeeding is not only healthy, it also makes traveling with babies much more convenient.

14. We could always count on the crew for a little help.

15. The Philippines, Palawan | “Wow, that looks delicious, can I eat it?”

16. The Philippines, Palawan | Meeting with the Palawano tribe (not sure who was more fascinated).

17. The Philippines, Palawan | We used every local form of transportation – including tricycles.

18. The Philippines, Palawan | Time for a beach nap.

19. The Philippines, Palawan | “So… there is a coconut inside?”

20. The Philippines, Palawan, Island Hopping | Protective Daddy.

21. Hong Kong, Sky100 | Bruce Lee had nunchaku, I have sleeping Marta.

22. Hong Kong | Gentlemen’s handshake in the Lebanese restaurant.

23. Hong Kong | Not so sunny, unfortunately.

24. Hong Kong, Museum of History | “We just wanted to play on the floor for a moment, what’s all the fuss about?”

25. Hong Kong, Lantau Island | Meeting with Buddhist monks.

26. Hong Kong, Lantau Island | On our way to Tian Tan Buddha.

27. Hong Kong, Lantau Island | A few more hits, just in case.

28. Hong Kong, Temple Street Night Market | “Whoa, can I try some of this dim sum?”

29. Big thanks to these ladies for keeping her occupied during the flight!

30. Kuala Lumpur, Islamic Arts Museum | He was laughing so hard he almost blew out!

31. Kuala Lumpur, Bird Park | Does this buko still have some milk inside?

32. Kuala Lumpur, Bird Park | Where do you come from?

33. Kuala Lumpur, National Mosque | “Where is your robe, Wiktor?”

34. Kuala Lumpur, National Mosque | There was a flower on this girls hijab and Marta really wanted to get it!

35. Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves | Before meeting with the monkeys.

36. Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion | There are smells and flavors out there still waiting to be discovered.

37. Dubai, Burj Khalifa | View from the highest building in the world.

38. Dubai, Spice Souk | The smell was so good.

39. Sadly, the time to go back home finally came – but for sure there will be more adventures in the future!

40. Children books we got so far.