These flowers may look delicate but they are made from one of the most durable metals on earth. We are Clody Cates and Gaige Qualmann and we make the antiques of the future. 

We are two self-taught artists in Oakland, California and our latest project is making detailed flowers and plants (and more) out of copper. Our floral sculptures are maintenance free and always in bloom.

We up-cycle used plumbing and other copper parts. We are half blacksmiths and half jewelry makers – we create each piece with simple hand tools giving them an organic look and feel. And we even make our own tools!

Why copper? Besides being malleable, durable, and available, rescuing copper from the recycling bin and giving it new life as fine art just seems like a good thing to do.

We take pride in our work knowing that it will be around for hundreds or even thousands of years.


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The process of sculpting