Today we release our game about overfishing and I wanted to share the airplane designs we created with you. Yes these airplanes are used for catching fish. Yes our fish fly around!

We designed seven airplanes for AIRHEART which have different characteristics and abilities. So every player should find their favorite airplane that really fits their playing style. Some are good to catch a lot of fish, some are good to fight against pirates, and some are good to run away from dangers – for each their own.

More info:

Pinty Canary (The “Starter”)

Dunne Talon (The “Hunter”)

Comte Guardian (The “Rammer”)

Gati Horizon (The “Turret”)

Aldasaro Corsair (The “Wealthy”)

Pinty Woodpecker (The “Fisher”)

Dunne Daredevil (The “Daredevil”)