With the newly elected president’s overall misogynistic view on females, many women across the country have expressed fear and concern for what their futures might look like in this new America.

In the name of empowering women during these dark times, we decided to literally put themselves on paper with a project called ‘Period of Change’: protest posters drawn in their own period blood. The entire process from start to finish took two months. Most of the reason being that the blood collection needed to be taken twice over the period, in order to accumulate enough “ink” to work with.

The series was released on International Women’s Day and it was used by many protestors during the New York Women’s Rally on March 8th, helping women of all ages, races and kinds to get their voices heard.

“Women have been fighting long and hard for their rights over many years, and have become seasoned warriors in the process” said Carrie, a feminist herself. “They’ve shed so much blood, tears and sweat for the cause. That’s why we wanted to literally use the blood women shed, to not only remind them that they have the fighting strength to carry on, but also to remind everyone that only women should have a say in what their own bodies can or cannot do”.

We wrote our words in blood to get our voices heard

Reprints of the posters were made and handed out to protestors to further the cause

It took two months to fill up only 1/4 of a container with period blood

Everything had to be timed perfectly to ensure the blood remained fresh enough for painting. Period blood surprisingly works like watercolor

At the end of the day, it’s our period from our bodies, so it’s our bloody choice what to do with it