We are Joran Backx and Esther van Brakel, two creatives from Rotterdam. We saw that a lot people still have a hard time living by the corona rules and when our prime minister told that schools, restaurants and sports clubs were closing, events were canceled to keep everybody inside, it seemed like everyone understood. But with the first sunny day of spring, people still went outside to the parks, beaches, and lakes… it was a lot.

We thought it would be nice to explain the rules once again, in a global language that is now used more than ever – emojis. We transformed the rules into 12 new emojis and we are working on new ones! You can download them via our website: https://www.corona-emojis.com/


With this project we want to communicate with people who still think it’s acceptable to go out for fun, and make them aware that this is very selfish and can contribute to the spread of the disease. The more people we enlighten, the better.


We are currently calling out to people to give us input for missing ‘Corona Emojis”. We want to spread this message far and wide to make the set as complete and relevant as possible. More accurate emojis will be more effective in creating and raising awareness, and we can start to heal the world together!


Download the emojis and share them with everybody!


More info: corona-emojis.com