Hi, I’m Simon – a cofounder of Kell ideas ltd. – a startup devoted to change a course of mobile robotics.

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After years of working on Mars rover prototypes on Wroclaw University of Technology, we as a group of students decided to launch a product no one has ever seen before.

Meet Turtle – a remotely controlled robot capable of working in harsh terrain. As a fully open-source platform equipped in quality fullHD camera, NASA-inspired suspension and even a robotic arm on-board its not a ‘carpet robot’ you can buy in every hobby-shop.

It’s fully watertight, drives up to 4 hrs and can be used everywhere.

Throw it into a cave, explore abandoned buildings or use it as a development platform for your software project.

The rover is ‘built around’ RaspberryPi main computer with Raspbian on-board and as the whole software is totally open-source – you can use it however you like. Want autonomy? No problem!

Turtle Rover will be available in August on Kickstarter with a price starting at $1597. Stay tuned and see you soon!

More info: turtlerover.com

Turtle Rover will be on Kickstarter in August 2017!

It’s wathertight and can drive up to 4hrs.

It’s designed to drive everywhere with its fullHD camera and robotic arm.

It’s open source and sturdy as hell :)

Can be used both for professional and amateur applications.

Mount your own modules inside Turtle’s watertight compartments.

See you on Kickstarter!