Last weekend we hiked the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim in 3 days.

The Grand Canyon is 6000 feet deep dug by the Colorado River over 70 million years. The history of the earth is brought to light by the eroded walls of the canyon.

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The quality of the trail, the astonishing views and the unique wildlife made it one of the most remarkable hikes we have ever done

There are many ways to hike the Grand Canyon. We started in the North Rim, located in a sub-alpine forest inhabited by deers and bisons

We had to wait 2 days to get permits to camp in the canyon, so in the meantime we camped outside in the woods. It snowed the night before starting the hike

We packed a tent, sleeping bags, food, utensils to cook, heat and water, and went to the Kaibab trail. The first day we did the steepest part of the descent in about 5 hours

Entering the canyon is an amazing experience. You hike through different layers of rocks, each formed in different geological time (sandstone, limestone, and schist of different colors)

We slept in Cotton Wood campground close to a crystalline water stream. We swam in the river and watched the stars: for the first time we could clearly see the Milky Way

The second day we visited the spectacular Ribbon falls, a strong water fountain falling in the dry canyon. Bathing in these waters was like a purification ritual

Then we hiked 7 miles to the Colorado River through narrow canyons with walls of volcanic rocks. This part of the trail was very hot, dry and challenging

We arrived to the Colorado River and relaxed at the river’s edge. If we had gone further, we wouldn’t be able to deal with the strong, deep and powerful rapids

The third day we hiked upward to exit the canyon. Leaving was hard for the physical effort and because we were attached to the place. We began at 4am and made the 9 mile ascent in 5 hours, 4500 feet elev gain

The trail rewards you with every layer of rock that rises, and the joy of having been part of it all. After all mental trances, that farewell tear fell. We looked back: wow, we hiked all the way down and up of all this sh*t!