My friend Tess owns an electronic hula hoop with internal lights that can be programmed to flash in different colours and patterns. It’s called a FutureHoop and is what we used to create these images. It’s similar to a photographic technique called painting with light, but with a new twist.

We took the photos at Massey memorial, built on a hill above the city of Wellington in New Zealand as a remembrance to a former Prime Minister of the country. The marble structure made a beautiful backdrop for the photos.

We took these photos at dusk, trying to find the right moment when the light from the FutureHoop was bright enough to dominate the scene, but there was still enough light in the sky to illuminate the background.

I used a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera and 18mm lens to take the photos. The camera’s shutter was open from two to four seconds for most of these images, giving the camera a chance to record the patterns created by the hoop as Tess moved it through the air.

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