This Rubik’s Cube cat bed is the result of meshing the fun aspects of a Rubik’s cube with high-end furniture.

The colored squares are made with exotic wood and metal. When building this piece, we really wanted it to be usable for us and also for our cats since they are such a huge part of our life.

More info:

We decided to include a hollowed out cave area inside the cube, which would be large enough to hold a cat bed

It’s great for cats who like dark, secluded spaces like underneath the bed.

We masked off the veneer squares and painted the channel between the squares black

We applied multiple layers or epoxy over the veneers to round off sharp corners and give it a protective shell

Finally, we sprayed it with a matte clear coat

For the colors of each square, we used exotic wood veneers like Mahogany and Mappa Burl

For the brighter colors like green and blue, we used a beautiful Patina copper veneer.

The cat bed inside the cube is made up of three solid wood railings with a removable, washable heavyweight duck canvas

It was really important to us to have the top level, with the drawer, spin like a regular Rubik’s cube since the bottom 2/3 was taken up by the hollow cat cave for our cats