Where does inspiration come from is a question that I always ask myself? For a long time, I always had the knack for designing odd things. I was never the creative type growing up, but something in me kept me making new designs and getting more creative as time moved forward. This particular design below started out as an idea and over time has evolved into a small business for me.

Today, I would like to introduce one of my new designs. The “Gummy Bear Candle” this unique approach is a variation of a gummy bear candy. While designing I wanted something to stand out in the design and I figured the iconic gummy bear candy from the 1960’s would be the perfect design. Although this isn’t something you want to eat, like a gummy bear candy it’s more for entertainment. Who doesn’t want to see a gummy bear melt into a skeleton! Well, the thought probably hasn’t ever crossed your mind.

It’s freshly scented to give you that light smell of real gummy bear candies throughout the house. More designs are currently being created… Meanwhile you can check my previous owl design here. You never know the next one might be a dinosaur!

More info: skeletoncandles.com

Candy Jar Bear

Gummy Bear Candle Scented Half Melted

Gummy Bears & Owls Melting

Gummy Bear Candle Melting