My name is Przemysław Kruk and I am an amateur landscape photographer form Poland. Since childhood I have lived in the village where the fields of Polish Jurassic Highland were extending to the horizon. Initially these views remained only in my memory, but over the years, I was inspired by the creations of polish painters and photographers, so I took the chance and started photographing those landscapes. Simple and mild fields, which sparkle with gold in the summer, are going to sleep in the autumn, and in the spring explode with fury of green.

For over 20 years I have been photographing European fields (that look like sea waves) – the ones, that I have seen through my windows and those that I had to take long trips to visit. Wherever I can find a piece of plowed land, I try to immortalize it in my photos. That amazing story saved in time, creates a beautiful poem of our everyday life. Look how beautiful is our everyday world…

I have also shared my images of infrared photography here on Bored Panda.

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