I have been a surfer for years and was really addicted to this amazing water sport. Over the years of being in close contact with water I have felt a certain intimacy set in.

Unfortunately, 10 years ago, I was a victim of a private plane crash in the ocean. I miraculously survived but the pilot was not so lucky. This was a very sad period in my life but I had always put into perspective to be alive. Violence of the accident hurt my back and, slowly but surely, it became impossible for me to surf anymore.

I turned my love for waves into AquaViva, an artistic study of wave shapes through my photographic lens. My goal is not to capture the perfect waves for riding but the best visuals for dreaming. I realized this energy acts as a benevolent force, subtle and powerful at the same time, which can help in overcoming the difficulties which we confront. Beyond this, I have experienced the benefits of a virtuous circle which was unexpected. This come about when people positively respond to my work, and it’s these instances which fill me with a great intensity of emotion.

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