My name is Stephanie and I’m an illustrator with intense passion for typography. I love using different techniques or instruments to write words and letters. But sometimes I’m not sure about what to write.

I find inspirational quotes everywhere what makes them a bit superficial to me. So I had a little problem: I bought a new Pentel Watercolour Brushpen and was obsessed by trying it out but I had no real idea what to write. So I thought, what if you stop giving nice advice or spreading encouraging demands. Just be honest and say that life sucks from time to time in a funny way.

I used bright watercolors and parts of flowers to make the artworks look extra nice and soft, which builds a good contrast to the ironic messages. Sometimes it’s better just to be honest and say that you are sick and tired of all these lemons in your life. Decorate it with pretty flowers and everything will be fine! :)

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