Are you ready for the upcoming Christmas season? :) I hasten to show you my recent experiment!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts here on Bored Panda, I love watercolor painting and decorative soap making. So this time I decided to combine these two hobbies. The result is decorative soap with my watercolor paintings! I’ve just asked myself:”…what if I put my watercolor works in soap bars? They should look like small paintings!”

And after making soap with paintings I decided to reduce the size of my sketchbooks! :)) So these open soap books contain drawings from my sketchbooks. And one more part of my experiment was making jars of fantastic jam. I like the pictures that you can see on its labels so why not create mangosteen or tangerine jam? When you are fond of soap making, everything is in your hands!

So here is the result of my experiment, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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