This is our- Maja Wrońska’s and Przemek Sobiecki’s proposal for the Dezeen x Samsung Ambient Mode Design Competition. It is a solid reflection of our art style. The project presents a watercolor painting depicting the entrance to the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy. But that’s just for starters.

Our Concept shows the process of painting with watercolors in such a way that the viewer will experience it sensibly and actively participate in the creation of the artwork. The image develops with lighting changes during the day – it reacts to the intensity of the sun and/or artificial light. Thanks to this the image is a reflection of the time of day, but it is also the viewer who controls the flow of the paint by turning the lights on or covering the blinds. In other words, it echoes the ambient light in the room.

The innovation lies in the change of the watercolor drawing from being a static image only, to an interactive object of art. It gives the opportunity to present a piece of unique art in a new way that has never been possible before. The beautiful painting was designed to smoothly fade into the texture of the wall and give the impression of being painted live on it.

We have asked ourselves: What always suits the wall? – Architecture design. In our opinion, the unique and elegant architecture of Doge’s Palace is the most suitable for the theme of this competition and the style of a modern-luxurious interior chosen by us. We adopted the Venetian Gothic – very decorative, colorful, rich in sculptures and details. This is a work of art that we would most like to hang in the living room ourselves.

Painting watercolors is what I do professionally. Recording work-in-progress and speed-painting videos on Youtube is nowadays a part of the job. Our idea was to show what the process of creating watercolor looks like without covering it with my hand and to give viewers control over the speed of the painting process.

Working at the intersection of digital and traditional art allows us to compete in various tasks such as 2D or 3D animation incorporating modern and classic painting techniques.

For this drawing idea, I scanned a pencil sketch that Maja made. After that, I carefully photographed each subsequent phase of the painting. Thanks to this, when planning the animation, I was able to recreate the real order of the painting process.

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