Despite my passport declaring me British, Nepal has always been my home but in a few short months I will be dragged to England. Packing up my room became too much one day so I decided to revisit a past experiment and escape my problems for a while.

I discovered this beautiful combination about a year ago as a 13-year-old photography enthusiast when I was experimenting with a peacock feather. The technique I found was beautiful and a year later I revisited it in an attempt to escape life’s problems for a while.

I pulled a pair of jeans out of a drawer, splashed water onto a feather and started snapping away. The idea expanded and resulted in these photos.

The first successful photo



And now a year later- Ruddy Shell Duck feather

Green Parakeet


Behind the Scenes

The folders are a desperate attempt to get the feather to catch the pathetic amount of sunlight left in the day. The Newspaper is for the background and a jug of water to splash the feathers with.