From Iceland independent artist Mosi just released a stunning video dedicated to Kate Bush by remaking the dance from her Wuthering Heights video.

”It’s been 40 years since Kate Bush released Wutering Heights and that song always inspired me so much. It was like my guilty pleasure when I was very young. I never told anyone how much I loved that song. It was so different.

When I was watching Kate Bush dance in her red dress to Wuthering Heigts I said to myself ”I wish more artists would dance like Kate Bush.’’ Then I thought ‘’It would be so crazy if I did it.’’ because I love to f**k with the stereotype of how men should act and dress. We should all embrace our feminine side and dance more like Kate Bush” – Mosi

Another single, My Little World, will be released with a new music video in May. The video has a scene that is a remake from a David Lynch movie but you will have to wait to find out.

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Mosi – Another Weekend ft. Tinna Katrin

Kate Bush vs. Mosi ”she would win me in a dance off for sure” – Mosi

”I wish more artist would dance like Kate Bush” – Mosi