We just moved to Vermont from Istanbul with my family. Istanbul is a huge cosmopolitan city with over 18 million people. Regarding the life style change from Istanbul to Cornwall it is mind blowing. I decided to capture the skies, landscapes and nature. I took these photos with my Canon over the summer while my daughter Ela was playing around. Some of the photos are from Scarborough, Maine. I use mostly 85mm, 17mm and 50mm lenses.

Now I am getting ready for the winter!

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Vermont in all its glory!

You can drive for miles and not see anybody or anything. But then you turn around the corner and you are in for a ride!

Eerie Tree

Image by: BalamirNazlica

I love this tree. There are so many big glamorous trees here, except for him. I love the way it is bending over the wires to the road.

Rivers of Vermont

Image by: BalamirNazlica

If you think that the rivers are warm in the summer… Think again. The water is chilly! I can’t imagine how it is now. People would jump from the top to the water. It is simply beautiful! I used a 17mm and and filter for the water effect. I prefer to use nd filters while shooting then adding it digitally in photoshop.

On the way to Cornwall

Sunsets in Vermont are epic. The color correction here is 10%. Therefore the picture is actually very close to the reality. The colors where simply amazing!

Cornwall Road

With a 65mph limit on your acceleration power it really takes a long time to get from one place to the other. However there is no traffic and the clouds and the roads bend towards each other.

Night Stars

The night stars in Vermont are amazing. They are so close to you. I took this photo with a very high ISO and large aperture. The car passing by was pure random luck! You need that sometimes!

Fields of Corn

This is the road towards our home. On the left and right are the fields of corn. Yummy sweet corn! When applied correctly perspective shots can be very rewarding. I used an nd filter for this shot. I prefer to use ND filters at the actual shot, not post production.

Scarborough, Maine

We stayed in Scarborough, Maine for the weekend. Simply awesome place with the beaches. The water is fierce and cold!

Firehouse in Cornwall

The firehouse of Cornwall is dependent on volunteers. They do a great job and have a killer view.

Scarborough, Maine

Higgins beach. With its surfers and ice cold water it does have a killer sunset. I used an ND filter for this shot.

Portland, higgins beach

The footprints of surfers are everywhere!

Apple orchard farm

After I took this shot the barn that was falling apart fell apart completely. Its not there anymore. The garden is a garden for red delicious apples. Taste yummy!

On The road

I shot this with an nd filter. Vermont just has epic sunsets with the clouds.

Cornwall Sunset

Another shot with an ND filter. It looks peaceful. It is. But while I was taking this shot I was being bit by mosquitos. They are vicious!

Vermont hills

I shot this with a 17mm and added a circular polarizer. Nothing beats the ND!

Cornwall Streets

Another amazing sunset. You never know what you will get out here. the sun sets very quickly. You need to catch the moment very quickly.

Vermont Hills

This is a small lake I passed while driving south. There was nobody around. It was very calm. Shot with my 85mm and an nd filter!

Dead End

End of story.

Brandon River, waterfall

This small river passes through Brandon, VT. Time has stopped in Brandon. Such an old town. It feels like you are traveling through time.

Vermont Maple Trees

Come fall the colors become crazy!

Creamy Sunset

The sun sets in less than an hour. You have to move very quick to get the shot!

God is in the house

It almost feels like something is going to come out of the sky and grab you!