Hi everyone!
I am only 22 years old, residing in Styria, currently searching for a job and dreaming of making it big one day (as everyone else does).
To be creative is my only true passion. I’m self-taught and kept experimenting with a lot of different mediums over the years.
I’m well aware that I’m just an amateur with no professional equipment and flawed skills, but I always try to improve and get better – believe me, I’m my own worst critic.
I guess you could say I aim for both, logic and absurdity. High culture and pop culture fascinate me equally and I try to be as diversive with my works as possible to hit different tastes and aspects, portraying light and dark, happiness and sorrow, constantly trying to develop new ideas and concepts.
I made thousands of works over the years already but I would like to share and show you just a few of them – those who I’m probably most confident with. Thanks for looking!

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“Are there any monsters under my bed?”, sketch with fineliner pen (2003)

Object study of a crocheted fabric mouse with pencil, 2005

Dress/costume design, digital sketch 2009

“Tagged”, self-portrait 2008

“Spellbound”, 2011

“Silence”, 2010

“Pain”, 2010

“Artists Never Die”, 2011

“The De Vil Wears Prada”, MS Paint 2013

“Memories”, Doodle 2015

“From Austria to the Land of Oz”, digital photo edit 2013

“Eternity”, 2003

“Credendo Vides”, 2007

“Set Fire To The Rain”, 2008

“Be kind”, 2011

“Bad Example”, 2003

“Water”, 2007

Italy, 2009

“Summer Feeling”, 2004

“Phoenix”, Logo Draft 2014

“Escapism”, chalk and pencil (2005)

“Evening & Morning”, 2004

“Caught”, 2010

“Shrunk”, 2014

“Distortion Of Reality”, 2010

“Snail”, 2005

“Nature heals”, 2014

“Never Be Afraid To Dream”, 2012

“Portal”, 2009

“Drowned”, 2013