Human’s male guide to successful dating

My friends and I – a bunch of moody folks constantly failing at relationships – made this sarcastic Valentine’s day video while bored at work. Thought you might like it. Would you care to take a look? It would be the best thing ever if you’d share it. We kind of want to prove our boss wrong by getting as many views as possible, since he found this unfunny (he’s not the person to get irony).

Whereas we are firm believers that whether one is desperately single or unhappily taken, one should always remember that it’s probably not gonna last.

We created this animation along with the script and voiceover in a week and 2 days. I think it’s pretty impressive, as we have never created an animation before. Isn’t it?

We really hope that you’re going to like it, and to prove our boss wrong so badly! So badly that we would even accept a challenge from you, if you write it down in the comment section.

Disclaimer: this video contains some pretty sarcastic humour. It was made to offer a good portion of laughter and not to offend anyone!

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