So I’ve posted an article a while back on my use of an infrared converted camera in Japan. Well here are my photos of the area near my home in Surrey, UK!

I’ve seen people use macro lenses to take photos of everyday objects, like a toothbrush, and making it look completely different… I do the same with my infrared photography.

I’ve come to realise that it’s quite difficult to get a decent photo. Just like in Japan, you have to get the right sky with the right amount of clouds, decent foliage and an interesting scene. A lot of my photos are quite dull because it lacked one of the above things.

Plus, camera flare is a lot more noticable in photos without a lens hood!

However, if you get all three then the photos can be simply stunning! So far I’ve used my camera in Spring and Summer but I am very excited to use it in the Autumn. What would the orange/brown leaves look like? Hopefully, in a few months time, I will post another article and we can see the differences!

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A Boat House on Fire?

Hampton Court Palace in Infrared

The View From Boxhill

A Boat House Along The River Thames

A Water Plant

A Hampton Court Palace Wall

A Mini Lake in Bushy Park

Lens Flare Is A Lot More Noticable

Bushy Park in Stunning Yellow