Nowadays they are fast, quite safe, good looking, expensive, with cutting edge technology packed inside. Every boy is dreaming of buying his own four wheels. When we grow up, our first car is always a treasure for us. Quite uniqe experience to feel for the first time that luxury of freedom.

A car it’s probably one of the most important achievments of our civilization. For sure the most loved one. Let’s skip technical and practical aspect of it. Let’s focus on emotions. A car gives us joy, freedom, it’s our pride and tell’s who we are. Now we are in the middle of technological revolution, we put all new technologies inside, but let’s not forget about the treasure of oldtimers. Oldtimer has soul, has history, can be repaired quickly without all of this new computer stuff, it’s the best toy for big boys. For me personally there is nothing better than pure sound of old american V8 in the middle of Arizona’s emptiness. Is it freedom? Yes it is. I think everyone would like to feel like Kowalski in 1970 Dodge Challenger running away from this cruel and idiotic world…

Using photomanipultion I would like to tell you a story.

It’s funny in some images, but mostly sad. Oldtimers are dying. Please rescue old souls from being forgotten. We owe it to them. First date inside, first kiss, first ticket, crash, first tears, joy, hapiness. Oldtimer is a part of our soul.

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