Luciano Pia, an architect in Italy, has a beautiful vision for how people and nature can live together by careful urban planning. 25 Verde, an apartment building complex he designed in Turin, Italy, is a woven 5-story mix of lush trees and steel girders that let urban space residents feel like they live in a giant treehouse.

Every step in the modernist house design was taken with natural integration in mind. The organic and asymmetric shape of its terraces allows potted trees to “sprout” out from the building at random intervals. The ponds in the courtyard provide residents with a refreshing place to relax in the summer, and the 150 deciduous trees, which lose their leaves in the winter, allow light to filter into the building during the darker months. The modern architecture masterpiece helps keep the city’s air cleaner and isolates the residents from the urban sounds and smells surrounding them.

This green architecture building, which was completed in 2012, is located at Via Chiabrera 25 in Turin, Italy – you can even check it out on Google Maps‘ street view!

More info: (h/t: colossal)