Who doesn’t like gardens? I know I do! However, not all of us get the chance to have one. Many times this is due to space. At least in the traditional way, but vertical gardens are a great alternative for small places. Every place has walls right? Plus, plants look awesome on walls, since it’s not their usual spot.

Vertical gardens look awesome and offer plenty of benefits, but not all of us have the time to make one, or even care for it. Cara de Planta, which means plant face in english, because it is literally a fun face, is a 100% PET DIY vertical gardening system that all of us, no matter our age or ability, can use to make professional vertical gardens very easily and in a short period of time. Forget about all the things that made you go “No, way, I don’t have the space, the time, or even the green thumb!” Cara de Planta gives you no excuse!

There are two models available. The boy, for outdoor gardens, and the girl, for indoor ones. The boy lets water through so that one irrigation line at the top of a garden, with the aid of gravity, will water the whole garden. The girl contains water, so it won’t drip or stain floors or walls. The water is then recirculated to the substrate by capillarity with a special flap.

Plants grow out of two outlets in each Cara de Planta, the hair and the mouth. This is a unique feature and it provides for a lush garden from day one. Need proof? Check out the pictures below! None of those gardens are older than a week! Another thing that makes Cara de Planta unique is that plants can be grown hydroponically or in soil and irrigation can be made manually or automatically. No other system gives you these options. Also, Cara de Planta includes its own screws to make things easier! I know…awesome right!?



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We made this logo with real grass!

Indoors Garden

Can you see why it’s called like that?

The happy face :)

An outdoors garden!

One more!