I have been documenting the mundane moments of working in advertising on my Instagram and Tumblr with the help of miniature figures and my work was previously featured on Bored Panda. In my series, I challenge myself to find the positive and humorous light out of all the ups and downs in the crazy and stressful ad agency life. In my 5+ years career in advertising as a brand strategist, I survived crazy hours, tight deadlines, tough clients, and rapidly evolving industry trends, but I didn’t survive the Armageddon of company downsizing. As it turns out, it happens a lot more than you would think in the advertising industry.

Having such tragic event happen to me recently, I was faced with the question of how I should cope with it. I decided to deal with it the way I always do, with humor, positive attitude, and miniature figures. Using my iPhone, I started depicting all the little emotions and challenges I experience in my tough unemployment days from recovering: self-doubt, building a new resume, networking, having to live a frugal life, to being all alone for most of the days, etc. My miniature figures help convey the subtle thoughts and emotions that are typically hard to express.

With every tragedy, there is always a silver lining. Not only have I been receiving support from many friends and people from all around the world, my series has also been picked up by a major publisher and it is going to be published as a book in the near future.

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It’s tough to have to part ways with my dear coworkers, but I am back on a new journey all by myself

The first thing I did was to take a trip in the mountains with my dear friends

One benefit of funemployment is you decide the right time to wake up

Building a resume for professional experiences in the last 5 years is no small project

Coffee shops are the pop-up offices for working gypsies

Doing work at a coffee shop is 50% people watching, 30% eavesdropping, and 20% actually working

It is majorly out of my comfort zone to be networking with strangers for potential job opportunities

Frugal living means suffering from the fact that I can’t cook

I miss shopping…

On some days, I speak fewer words than a tweet

With a world of career options and unending possibilities, it’s overwhelming to think about where to go next

Going outside is the best therapy when I feel I am about to go crazy. (Plus it’s free)