My name is Matt Burgess I am an ocean photographer from Australia. I enjoy capturing the ocean in her many moods, one thing that draws me to the water most mornings before the sun rises is the relationship between water and light. I have been capturing ocean images for around 6 years now and to me there is no better way to start the day. I love to capture beneath the breaking wave as it is a view that most non ocean going people don’t get to experience, a lot of people are blown away by what actually happens beneath the surface. My main message to people interested in taking ocean images is to get out there and have fun ! the ocean is a sacred place for a lot of people and the feeling and natural high you gain is better than any drug available on earth! . The ocean is a fickle beast, a lot of pre planning goes into capturing these images , a lot depends on the winds, tides and of course the swell ! . More of my work can be seen at and instagram @matt_burgess_photo.

More info:

Jewel of Sorrento

A wave breaks on a shallow sand bank , in crystal clear water


The view of a wave breaking in front of me called a “vortice”


A mini wave rolling on a shallow sand bank

Double Trouble

Behind a double wave breaking

Close Up

Another “vortices” breaking close to the shore