I photographed 14 bridges in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius from an unusual angle – from below. Literally from under every bridge over the river Neris. That is my first serious project, based on a specific idea, for which I spent more than one very early morning. I wanted to show something what we are passing by every day from a very different perspective. It was an exciting half urban exploration half architecture shooting adventure, and I even found a couple of bridges previously unknown to me!

Liubarto bridge

Zveryno bridge

Gelezinio Vilko bridge

Baltasis (White) bridge

Silo bridge

Zaliasis (Green) bridge

Valakampiu bridge

Komunikaciju (communications) bridge

Zirmunu bridge

Mindaugo (King Mindaugas) bridge

Lazdynu bridge

Vingio park bridge

Bukciu bridge

Gariunu bridge