You might think he is crazy. It’s a cold autumn day. You’d rather sit at home but this guy is ready to jump off the moving subway train to the ice cold water of the Dnipro River in Kyiv, Ukraine. He had no special training and probably insane to jump with his Ray-Ban sunglasses on. Some say it’s awesome, some say it’s stupid but it is an ordinary thing for him. While you go to work and live a quiet average life he is making money with killing his boredom.

28 year old Ukrainian artist, video blogger and TV star Sasha Shapik is a legend in his country. His parents, wife and daughter are supporting him in his dangerous hobby. He started his career in early 2000s as a pioneer of jackass movement in Ukraine and later become a well-known celebrity.

He started his Youtube channel in 2011 with successful comedy show Vrotebal and now is one of the most popular bloggers in Ukraine with 270 000+ subscribers waiting anxiously for some new videos.

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Looking for another high spot

With his fans in Kiev

Fans chasing Sasha in Odessa

He also appeared on Ukrainian TV