In the game of online dating good looks are very important. Thanks to digital image editing everybody can be photogenic. But what about other creatures?

When I saw a list of those animals that are always ranked among the ugliest, I thought of a parallel universe where they try to find love online and digitally transform themselves into kawaii characters.

In contrast to these digital cheaters, I made some good old mixed media collages out of cardboard, ink and acrylic paint.

More info:

Blobfish: Abs are overrated

Naked mole rat: I never get tangled up

Southern elephant seal: Baby got nose

Proboscis monkey: I am your prime mate

Titicaca water frog: Toadally hot!

Star-nosed mole: The stars in my eyes

Aye-aye: Always lending you an ear

Axolotl: It is aristocratic pallor

Warthog: Let’s go for a PIGnic

Celestial eye goldfish: It’s all about the eyes

Kakapo: Apparrotly hot