Jamie and I meet about 8 years ago through another photographer Edda Taylor. She said I had to meet this girl who is just like me. I came to the United States a few years before that and was pursuing my dream as a photographer. I had just had my son and felt lonely at times missing my home country and hadn’t met someone to connect on a personal and professional level. Jamie and my connection was instant. Our first shoot happened shortly after we met. We were pregnant with our second children together. I love photographing Jamie and she became somewhat of a muse to me. We don’t live in the most exciting place in the world (NW Indiana) but we make the best of it. Our love for life, our families, fashion and photography is undeniable. We love creating our own photo shoots inspired by our children. When you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t full fill your own dreams either. So at least once a year we photograph each other. We love anything circus, nature, fashion inspired. One time we did a photo shoot with Ironwood Wolves! Jamie is part native American so we did a shoot with a head dress. I love Magritte and butterflies, can you tell? We also built a bed in the woods for some amazing shoots, our minds are always dreaming. Our lives are busy and we love doing photography for our clients but our own shoots are what keep us inspired! It’s amazing to document our journey and have the pictures to look back on. We love telling stories – that’s why we do our projects under the name Tales of a Dream Photography. We each have our own photography business but have so much more fun if we collaborate together.

More info: talesofadream.com