Luna and Giulio are two Italian dogs who actively volunteer fostering dozens of kittens every year for a cat rescue.

Their owner adopted Luna (a mixed breed dog rescued from southern Italy) four years ago and Giulio (a Jack Russell Terrier) arrived two years ago, becoming her brother from another mother.

Volunteering for a cat rescue named Zampa Onlus, Luna and Giulio’s house sees dozens of kittens coming and going every year, and the two dogs became active members of the rescue taking care, playing and bonding with the kittens who sometimes re bottle fed or ill and weak.

“They are very active dogs, but among little kittens they become gentle and have a lot of patience” says their owner.

The rescue, a non profit organization relying only on donations by its following, love to share their pictures on their Facebook and Instagram page, and people love to see this interspecies friendships developing and growing, until the happy ending that is the finale adoption for the happy little kittens.

To follow Luna, Giulio and the kittens’ adventures you can follow the rescue’s Instagram account zampaonlusluino

Little Bernardino cuddling

Group photo with Bernardino

Giulio and little Vespasiano, who arrived with a very bad eye infection

Group photo with Luca

Luna and Lulù, who sadly passed away few days after this photo was taken

Luna cuddling with Ornella

Giulio with Purrito, who was bottle fed after her mother and brother died

Giulio with Purrito right before her adoption

Luna and Nilde

Giulio with Nilde and Erminia

Luna and Bernardino, found suffering hyothermia and hypoglycemia

Giulio and his little friend Nilde

Bernardino and Giulio

Luna and baby Purrito

Giulio with little Nenni: two of this kitten’s brothers sadly died just few weeks old

Snuggle time for Luna and Purrito

Proud Purrito on a sleeping Giulio

Purrito and Giulio

Giulio with an all girl litter