Our Studio, Dor Carmon, collaborated with OTOTO Design and we’ve designed for them the Tweet peeler.
The tweet peeler is the first product of a series products that our studio have designed for OTOTO and will be launch next month.

The concept of the peeler was to keep the characteristic of the company and design a product that will rise you a smile. It was important to us to keep the icon of the tweet and functionality without compromising on the quality of the product, including the blade’s quality and its ergonomics.
The folding option of peeler brings added value to the product and provides advantages like: saving space in the drawer and keeps the product clean and compact when taking the product out for a picnic, sea, pool etc…

More info: ototodesign.com

Tweet Peeler

open and close

color options


Tweet in use

Tweet Peeler by Dor Carmon Studio