We, Gentlemen Works as we like to call ourselves, can’t stop turning scrap into lamps. We simply love the stories that discarded and forgotten items have to say and we cannot let them rust or needlessly burn away.

So let’s show off with some of the parts we’ve upcycled into lighting projects.

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Steampunk submarine made from a grease gun

Grease guns… Dirty and oily, right? We think not. Just the perfect shape to create a steampunk submarine.


Discarded barrel staves look just perfect for an oil lamp, don’t you think?

Rib cage pipe lamp with electrical engine starter heart

And an old electrical engine starter’s place is not in the junk yard. It should have a bright red shine as a heart in a rib cage pipe lamp.


What do you do when a barrel can’t hold wine anymore? You make it hold light!

Brass heart insert on drift wood

We also found a drift wood trunk that looked like another perfect nesting place for a light bulb… after receiving a brass heart transplant.

Shine some light on that beautiful wood texture

We canoot decide which is the front of the lamp. The one with the wood texture or the one with the brass…

Classic divas customized lamp shade

A discarded lamp shade can be also upcycled to accommodate some classic divas pictures and quotes… Classic charm anyone?

Primordial soup

Ever wonder what happens if you pour metal wire from an upside down ladle into a metal plate? We call it the primordial soup!

Trunk not wasted as fire wood

If, for who knows what reason, you need to cut down a tree from your yard, don’t throw the wood on fire. We can turn it into a lamp.

Rescued wood slices you just want to touch

Dried up pine wood slices has such appealing textures. We couldn’t resist creating a copper frame with vintage lights for them.