Oh, who doesn’t like wine… But instead of letting all those empty glass bottles going to waste, you could use them to create beautiful ceiling lamps out of repurposed materials.

Some say drinking wine is not that good of a habit but I’m certainly not saying no to a good glass of red Burgundy in the near future. Once doing my recycling it got me thinking of all the energy used to remelt all that glass to be reshaped back in the same shaped bottles all over again and I started playing around with DIY project ideas how to use them more efficiently.

Moving into a new flat made its toll and few ideas came to see light, the wine bottle chandelier being one of them. It’s a fairly easy DIY but it will take some time to master the technique to get the edges straight.

You can start with hitting the internet with how to cut a bottle, there are various techniques available but a glass cutter in combination with hot and cold water is my preference, using the method the right way it’s easier to get a smoother cut.

More info: Etsy

Wine Bottle Ceiling Lamps

Bottle Lamp is fairly easy to make but it will take some time to perfection cutting the edge straight.

How Much To Cut?

Cut the bottle slightly short and let the bulb sticks out, it will let the light spread in the room and will avoid green light effect from the bottle. Cut the bottle longer if you like the green light.

Polish After Cutting

I use sandpaper to soften down the rough edges after cutting. It gives a professional finish look.

Use Vintage Bulbs

Use Edison bulb if you wish to achieve a vintage-looking room decor style. 25w or 40w Edison bulbs give very dim light and make the lamp a very stylish design object.

Use Multiple Lamps

Use multiple lamps in the room to stress the style and make them truly shine.

Don’t Do It All By Yourself

You don’t have to do it all by yourself, you can just head to my Etsy store and order one recycled material lamp right away.