“17 words for Wes Anderson” is my little tribute to one of most absolutely incredible film directors.

Wes Anderson is my favorite director ever. I fell in love with his unbelievable carefully constructed films and decided to make a project connected to them. I chose the 17 words that I associate with his style (like “ingenuity” or “precision”) and made the 17 illustrations — one for each of these words.

This is not an attempt to copy his style (although I’ve used a lot of top views), but a little tribute, evidence of my admiration and gratitude.

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Leaf hunter guidebook

Daily shopping

Wanna bagel?

To the South


Avoir la main verte


Right direction

Against autumn

I wanted to be a pilot


I surrender sml

Flight plan

Locked in a room


Rube Goldberg coffee machine

Left-handed scissors


Perfect architect

The letter

Simple solution

One of the kind