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Traveled 52 Hours In An Amtrak
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Traveled 52 Hours In An Amtrak

They say that the best thing about traveling is meeting or getting to know new people. One of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had was on the Amtrak train trip. For those who don’t know, the Amtrak crosses America in long distances, from the east to the west.

There is that one time that I had to take the Amtrak from Pittsburgh to LA and I have to give kudos to the Amtrak Operator Lady (wish I had a selfie with her) that saved our journey and got us back on the train after we missed the train from Chicago stop.

The distance that I have traveled was around 2000 miles or less I don’t really remember the exact distance but all I can remember it was for 52 hours inside that train.
One of the main characteristics in this train was the observation deck which lets people see the beauty of the landscapes that you are traveling through from the big glasses covering this deck. Also, you can eat, read, stay with your friends inside the deck. Some people get to stay all night in the observation deck or even sleep.

And because the train travels long distances it has to stop in many stations and of course, people get to change from one station to another, so you get to see lots of new faces every hour. So you can really experience what is the true meaning of diversity is by taking that specific train.
In the beginning, I didn’t know the number of stations that we are going to pass by but one of the stations that really attracted me was Albuquerque the city that hosted the series of Breaking Bad.

Needless to say the chairs of this train are very comfortable as if you are staying on a lazy boy, more comfortable than an airplane chair, where you can really stretch your body and have a very good sleep.

On the train, I met this awesome lady called Sylvia.
The awesome lady is 84 years old. She has a problem with the bones in her knees and her neck that she cannot turn her head smoothly because someone hit her hard on her neck when she was young.
I asked her how it happened and she said that someone tried to kidnap her and when she tried to run away from him he hit her hard on her neck. She wasn’t even able to drive anymore.
I asked her why driving was so important and she answered that she has been a race car driver and had many accidents in her time.

Sylvia was married and she had 3 kids from her husband and was one of the operators that worked during the World War and they were calling her “The Sarge”.

Sylvia continued then she did this train trip 14 times in her life but every time she took it she didn’t regret it because the best thing about this trip is the landscape that you’re passing through.

Her husband was working for NASA and they both attempted to climb Everest one time, but she had failed because she got a fever and couldn’t continue. He had to buy a Mustang to win her heart.
Moreover, Sylvia is a 2 times cancer survivor she had breast and brain cancer made it through both of them.
She was one of the funniest people that I’ve ever met. She was laughing and having fun times with whoever she met. Everyone on the train knew who Sylvia was.

And when we arrived at LA station we took the selfie. She smiled and told me: “Life is too short don’t stop laughing and making people laugh“.

Wish you all the best Sylvia and God bless your soul.


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