Travel poster series captures various aspects of a travellers journey by the means of graphically made posters and some pictures for you to explore new places.

Introduction : There’s a fine line between the way a traveller travels and a tourist travels. This travel poster series will help you know how.

A tourist finds out what’s out there in the world but only a traveller finds something within themselves they had no idea existed, when a traveller travels there’s a lot of introspection involved, while that factor might be found missing in a tourist’s travel, a tourist usually analyses the surroundings than oneself.


Find out the difference through these minimalistic Travel Posters Series:

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#travelposterseries | A traveller always travels prepared! A tourist might make a naive mistake of carrying only a charger. but, a traveller always anticipates on what could possibly go wrong. thus, battery backups. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | Travellers are always one step ahead when it comes to technology. and you’ll often notice a traveller to be extra cautious when it comes to cameras. A traveller always prefers the best one’s. Tourists usually carry digital cameras. while, travellers carry DSLR along with additional lenses. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller always travels prepared. he has all kinds of things that come in handy during his travels. yet, he keeps his bags smaller and lesser in number. A traveller always travels efficient. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller is always more friendly, extrovert than a tourist, they like to make friends and learn things from them. you will often find a traveller in huge group of people. travellers have a lot of friends because of their open to all and friendly approach. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | Travellers are always open to learning new things, they always learn the culture, they visit. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller always maintains a travel journal and makes sure he finds plenty of stories to his journey. Maintaining a journal while travelling is very important. A guide book can give you places to visit, while a journal will give you stories. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller always looks for experience more than comfort. A traveller travels prepared for camping, trekking and sometimes hitch-hiking. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller yearns for places with stories. Whereas, a tourists for famous and fun places. A traveller looks for stories that are beyond the geographical boundaries. They yearn for life learning experiences and lessons and growth with their travels and so they travel beyond a mere vacation. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller likes to see things closely. while, a tourist lacks the curiosity. A tourist might plainly visit the places recommended to him or famous places. while, a traveller finds new places. [Source:]

#travelposterseries | A traveller always tries to capture each and every moment. The scenic beauty. The mountains. The lakes. whereas, a tourist focuses on taking pictures of himself. each and every visit has an impact on the traveller. so, he wants to take every little piece of the place along with him. [Source:]