I could not believe there was such an amazing place on earth. I decided to visit this place at any cost. After doing some research, I found this is place called Sêrtar, located around 600km from Chengdu. It has the world’s biggest Buddhist school called Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, founded in 1980s starting from scratch.

Now, it inhabits over 40,000 monks and nuns who cope with tough climates everyday just to learn Buddhism.

It took me over 20 hours getting here from Chengdu, China via an endless bumpy road. The pain was gone once I arrive in this surreal world. Tibetan people visit there for worship, monks and nuns stay for learning. I cannot resist to share pictures of this place here.

Nuns traveling to school by walking down from 4000m

Night scene of the monastery

Nun dwellings where TV is not allowed. No toilet and heating system as well

Tibetan people share the same area with the monks and nuns

I just love the sea of red houses

Everyone is so dedicated for praying

Inside the monastery

They pray by spinning the prayer wheel

Monks learning after school

Tibetan prostration

I just think that she looks graceful

Monks learning after school

The village accommodates around 40000 monks and nuns