This is a hotel for anyone who loves art and everything creative. Opened March 2016 in one of Tokyo’s most creative areas BnA Hotel Koenji gives local, up and coming Japanese artists the room, literally, to create an artwork you can rest your head in. Part of the Bed and Art Project Japan this small yet intimate hotel is a sensory delight.

Artists are given total creative freedom to design each room according to their vision. With support from architects, textile designers, and carpenters everything from lighting to bedding is dictated by the artist’s vision.

Not only does this project create an opportunity for artists to display their work on a large scale but also to sell their work to local and international buyers. Most importantly participating artist receives a percentage of the booking fee every time their room is booked. Every time!

The BnA Project goals are simple; provide a way for up and coming Japanese artist to connect with art-loving travelers while introducing art-loving travelers to Tokyo underground art scene.

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“INTO THE FOREIGN” Yohei Takahashi

In creating “Into The Foreign” Yoheis chosen subject is the wolf, a favorite of his to paint. The dark forest like atmosphere opens up to reveal wolves running on the wind. Standing in the middle of the room, the viewer feels swept up in the run, wanting to get out and explore, all the while feeling the safety of the pack.

“INTO THE FOREIGN” Yohei Takahashi

“TEN.” Ryuichi “OGI” Ogino

Ryuichi’s minimal yet impactful chevron pattern, dubbed ZAAA, turns the room into a world of its own. In this room the outside world seems to slip away, here your thoughts travel along zig zag lines and spiral ceilings, drifting in and out of lucid dreams.

“TEN.” Ryuichi “OGI” Ogino


The café/bar dubbed FRONTDESK acts as a literal check-in point for guest as well as a hub for local creatives to “check-in” with one another and share ideas. Artist are able to display works which can then be purchase by guests and the local community.

“BACKROOM” Gallery

The basement gallery known as the BACKROOM offers a unique opportunity for local and international creatives to exhibit work and host events without creative inhibition.