I made this cute video of my hamster eating a tiny pizza. Don’t worry, the pizza is hamster safe – whole wheat pita, natural peanut butter, carrots and mealworm.

More info: youtube.com

Tiny Hamster Eating a Tiny Pizza

Inspired by tiny hamster eating tiny burrito, here is Chicken eating a tiny pizza. She is my one year old, russian dwarf hamster. I got her at the Petsmart in Ottawa, ON. She’s my first hamster. She is super sweet and the best hamster anyone could ever wish for.

Tiny Hamster Tiny Pizza- Behind the scenes

Here is a video of the behind the scenes for tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza. Includes preparation of the failed, first pizza, as well as running up some shorts.

Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Playground

My tiny dwarf hamster is back again. This time Chicken (yup, that’s her name) is exploring her handmade playground. Watch her slide, swing and play. Thanks Dad, for helping me build the playground and thanks to Randy (https://www.youtube.com/VishusFilms) for help with shooting, editing, music and titles.