My Dad started to capture the beauty and wonders in very small things like moss and plant seeds. I think his work is splendid. Recently he uses a photographing technique called “stacking”. He combines several macro images with different levels of focus depth. This allows for a wide range of focus on a very small object and hence, it gives the viewer the opportunity to see some unexpected beauty.

I hope you enjoy!

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Teeny-weeny spider…

This is an image of Marchantia polymorpha, a moss that grows in flower pots. Someone lives here, can you spot them?

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The Black Queen

Umbel of a wild carrot. It’s only 3,5 cm!

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Xanthoria parietina

A.k.a. common orange lichen or yellow scale. It can be found on trees.

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Physcia stellaris

Another species of lichen, commonly found where my Dad lives (Southern Germany).

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Winter beauty

This bunch of little five lobed cups looks fragil. But it survived snow, rain, frost and storms of this winter out in the open. The whole object is about 5 cm in width.

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Unripe fruits of Cornus kousa

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Ripe fruits of Cornus kousa

Overripe fruits of Cornus kousa

Dahlia bud

Tiny moss grove

White Ranunculus asiaticus


The common Snowberry